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April Theme
In Bloom

What a re-leaf that it is finally Spring. As proverbial masters of nostalgia (and puns), we knew that we could handle a double-entendre for April’s theme. That being said… *Dave Grohl drum roll, please*...this month is ALL things aromatic. Among the first things a sommelier will do when evaluating a wine is assess the aromatic intensity and check for specific faults and aromatic compounds. We’ve made them easy to find by serving up a bouquet of options whose aromas can release you from the angst and edgy vibes of winter. Think of this as one of those awful “Glee” style mashups where peak Grunge meets the Pop-esque blossoming power of springtime. But, ya know, actually good. So don’t mind the darkness and find comfort in all of the flowers and herbs and stank that a wine can offer. Remember - you’re never too old to come of age. Or blossom? Nevermind.



“We can have some more.

Nature is a whore

Bruises on the fruit

Tender age in bloom”

Private Wine Tastings

Explore our exclusive private wine tasting at Maxwell! Led by our experienced Sommeliers, each class offers a personal touch, featuring a tasting of six wines paired with light fare (unless otherwise specified). We do require a minimum of four participants. And the best part? At the conclusion of every tasting, enjoy a 50% discount on all to-go items!

Private Event Guide

 Explore our private event guide containing information on rates, menu options, frequently asked questions, and additional offerings.

Hours & Location

Monday - Thursday, 5 PM-midnight

Friday, 5 PM-1 AM

Saturday, 3 PM-1 AM

Sunday, 3-10 PM

Keep the Party Going

Join the Maxwell Park Wine Club and each month you’ll enjoy a selection of wines hand-picked by Owner & Sommelier, Brent Kroll. Members also receive accompanying educational content, tasting notes and the backstory about the wines, vineyards, and producers behind the month’s selections — along with a delicious paired treat from our kitchen. 

Memberships start at $60.

See a bottle or three on our list that you’d love to take home?

All wine to-go is 30% off with minor exclusions.

Simply email us at to order ahead.

Keep in Touch

Join our email list and find out about tastings and classes, new monthly wine list themes and more fun announcements.

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