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February Theme:
The Hills Have Feet

Piedmont (Pee-a-MONT-aye if you’d like to sound like a local) translates to “FOOT of the mountain.” Surrounded on three sides by the towering Alps to the north and west and the shallow hills of the Apennines to the south, one of Italy’s most mountainous wine regions is appropriately named. Warm air from the Mediterranean funnels through the Po River Valley clashing with the frigid air from the Alps creating the famed spectral layer of La Nebbia (morning fog), allows Nebbiolo to ripen well into the Fall.


Fun Fact: a 15th century statute of La Morra exacted punishment ranging from losing a right hand to death(!) for those daft enough to uproot Nebbiolo vines. So while we won’t enact any such medieval retribution for skipping out on Nebbiolo this month (and trust us we are excited about them), there is plenty more diversity in Piedmont. Given that Piedmont is home to more DOC zones than any other region in Italy, there are immense wines of quality with which you may be unacquainted.

Private Wine Tastings

Explore our exclusive private wine tasting at Maxwell! Led by our experienced Sommeliers, each class offers a personal touch, featuring a tasting of six wines paired with light fare (unless otherwise specified). We do require a minimum of four participants. And the best part? At the conclusion of every tasting, enjoy a 50% discount on all to-go items!

Private Event Guide

 Explore our private event guide containing information on rates, menu options, frequently asked questions, and additional offerings.

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Keep the Party Going

Join the Maxwell Park Wine Club and each month you’ll enjoy a selection of wines hand-picked by Owner & Sommelier, Brent Kroll. Members also receive accompanying educational content, tasting notes and the backstory about the wines, vineyards, and producers behind the month’s selections — along with a delicious paired treat from our kitchen. 

Memberships start at $60.

See a bottle or three on our list that you’d love to take home?

All wine to-go is 30% off with minor exclusions.

Simply email us at to order ahead.

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